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Tips to Maintain Your Singing Bowls

To ensure that your singing bowls stay on top of its quality, it is essential that it’s maintained well. For you to do that, here are some of the things that you have to be mindful about.

Cleaning – you probably want to wipe your bowls every now and then using a soft cloth in order to avoid the accumulation of dust. These singing bowls that have caked dust will probably lose their sparkle and nowadays, dust could be carrying chemicals that may affect the metal negatively. When cleaning and wiping the bowls, it will be preferable to use white vinegar to get rid of any fingerprints present in the bowl.

In the end, the singing bowls compose of sophisticated metal mixture and they should be cleaned on a regular basis by means of rubbing it with cloth or sand. These singing bowls are delicate and tough at the same time and because of recent cleaning, some may possibly tarnish. There are metal cleaners that are available commercially which works just fine if you want to remove the tarnish. Say for instance that the singing bowls are somewhat grungy, then it will be wise to use a dry coarse woven cloth.

Liquids – accidentally spraying soda on the bowl and letting it dry can actually damage its quality. Metals in bowl will react negatively to the ingredients and this process will pit deeply to the bowl. In the event that your bowl gets wet, make sure to quickly dry it. Leaving it in water for any period of time is not advisable. Prevent water stains if you insist playing the bowl with water in it by using distilled water.

Transportation – it’s pretty basic but you don’t want the singing bowls rubbing against each other, most especially when it’s in transit. Having said that, you need to ensure that the bowl’s sides are well protected if you are going places and you have the singing bowls with you. Using cardboard boxes are completely fine but you need to protect the finish of your bowl too. Using a cover cloth is enough in wrapping the bowl but you’ve got to be careful with the inner lips or sides that curve. At least leave few inches of space as it’s a lot easier to get the bowls fit to each other rather than coming apart.

If you have a singing bowl, it is extremely important that you are well aware of how to care and maintain them properly.

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